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Our MA Home Inspection Services provide a MA Licensed Home Inspector for Massachusetts (MA), New Hampshire (NH), and Rhode Island (RI).

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When you have a home inspection done on your property, you want to know about the recommendations the inspector has. Nearly every home could use a little repair work here and there, and it's very beneficial to know about potential problems before they arise. But what about all the positive aspects of your new home? Just as problems can prevent a deal from going through, positive features may be what convince you to purchase the home of your dreams.

With years of experience giving unbiased inspections for homebuyers from all over Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire, Assurance Home Inspection Corporation has what it takes to give you a comprehensive overview of your home. While many of our counterparts highlight only the negative aspects of a home, our team members are happy to point out the benefits of your home.

While conducting your home inspection, your inspector will certainly write suggestions for improvements--after all, we want your home to be in prime shape. However, we understand that ignoring the favorable features of the property does not give you an accurate picture of the condition of the home. Including both suggested improvements as well as beneficial aspects allows us to give you the most comprehensive home inspection possible.

Once your home inspection is completed, you'll be given a copy of the report immediately. Knowing how difficult it can be to read the handwriting of MA home inspector, Assurance Home Inspection Corporation utilizes PDF documents and CD-ROMs to give you a neat, easy-to-read report right away--no waiting. To schedule an appointment with one of our expert MA home inspectors, please call 1-866-466-3840 or e-mail

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