MA Licensed Home Inspection provided by MA Licensed Home Inspectors

  We offer licensed home inspections for MA, NH and RI.  

Our MA Home Inspection Services provide a MA Licensed Home Inspector for Massachusetts (MA), New Hampshire (NH), and Rhode Island (RI).

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  About Assurance Home Inspection Corp. MA
    Our MA home inspection provides a MA licensed home inspector. Our MA home inspection business offers certified home inspections by a licensed home inspector.        

Our MA licensed home inspector provides home inspection services for Massachusetts (MA), New Hampshire (NH), and Rhode Island (RI).

Assurance Home Inspection Corp. MA, delivers high quality home inspections at Very Reasonable Rates. Our home inspection services meet or exceed industry accepted ASHI Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. ASHI is the largest and most recognized standards organization in the home inspection industry. 

A High Quality home inspection consists of much more than a flash light and clip board.

Our home inspection process requires the home inspector to arrive on-site with all the tools and instruments needed to perform a complete inspection of the entire home. Our home inspection inventory includes:

High End Laptop PC and Hand Held Pocket PC for recording details of the home inspection and generating our proprietary report document. Ladders for gaining access to roof tops and attic spaces. Top quality Delmhorst Moisture Meter (to gauge moisture conditions and leak activity throughout the structure). Electrical Circuit Analysis Meters and Probes to check all electrical conditions. Probes for checking wood/masonry quality/integrity and also for investigating insect related damage/activity. Full set of tools (wrenches, drivers, pry bars, etc.) for removing panels, covers, or any other access restrictions so that we can "see" everything. Levels and Tape Measures for checking proper clearances and installations. A Library of building, electrical and plumbing codes (No one can possibly carry all that information in their heads!). Multiple Lighting Devices and high powered Flashlights to permit proper viewing no matter what resident lighting situation we encounter. Thermometers for checking temperatures of the hot water and heated/cooled air of the furnace/boiler or AC systems.

In addition to the above equipment, we also carry all required testing devices and materials to perform Radon Testing and Water Quality Testing.

When interviewing a home inspector for performing a home inspection, a good question to ask is, "What equipment do you use to do a home inspection?" Take the time to jot down their response and compare that to our suggestions on the Minimum needed to do the job right!

How would you feel about a home inspector showing up with only a flash light and a blank report form to do YOUR home inspection?


Vince Kotlarz - President, MA Licensed Home Inspector, performing home inspection services in Massachusetts (MA), New Hampshire (NH), and Rhode Island (RI).

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