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Our MA Home Inspection Services provide a MA Licensed Home Inspector for Massachusetts (MA), New Hampshire (NH), and Rhode Island (RI).

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Massachusetts Licensed Home Inspectors

When you hire a home inspector, you are entrusting this professional to thoroughly examine your property and make serious recommendations for improvements. Just as having the wrong inspector can result in costly surprises in the future, having a qualified one will save you precious time and money. In order to get the best inspection possible, contract the services of a home inspector licensed by the State of Massachusetts.

Getting licensed is not a simple task. Home inspectors must complete 25 home inspections under the supervision of a licensed inspector, as well as pass the rigorous National Home Inspector Exam. In addition, inspectors must complete an additional 100 inspections within a one year period, commit to pursuing 24 hours of continuing education per year, and carry an Errors and Omissions insurance policy worth a minimum of $250,000.

A licensed home inspector must demonstrate the necessary skills and experience to effectively examine properties. It is vital that any home inspector you hire have this basic licensing. For optimum service, go with Assurance Home Inspection Corporation. Not only are we licensed to work in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island, but we exceed state licensing requirements with our superior service.

Our Massachusetts licensed home inspectors carry four times the required amount of Errors and Omissions insurance, continually further their education through quality courses, and hold memberships in renowned home inspection associations. Offering our clients the most comprehensive services at affordable prices, Assurance Home Inspection Corporation is truly the best home inspection service provider for your money. For more information, please feel free to browse the rest of our website, contact us at 1-866-466-3840, or email

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